Media Locker - Hide Pictures and Videos

Media Locker protects and hides your videos, photos and audio files, so no one can find them. You can hide your files and protect them with a PIN Lock. Protect and keep your privacy. Supports Videos, Pictures, Photos and many other file formats like .ppt, .txt, .rar and more.

Guide to use Media Lock - Safe Gallery Hide Pics & Videos

  • Open Media Lock – Safe Gallery Hide Pics & Videos application to lock your media.
  • Click on Create Passcode button to create passcode of your locker.
  • Create Your 4 digit passcode and re enter to confirm your lock passcode.
  • Remember your passcode for future to enter in application and see your lock media.
  • After set passcode enter question and answer to reset password in future.
  • After select question and enter answer click on done button to next step.
  • After create passcode and question you can send this details over your mail.
  • Enter mail id in text area and send easily.
  • Here you can lock Video, photo, music and document.
  • To lock choose any media type from giving list  and click on it to start lock.
  • After select media click on plus icon to add media and first time create album.
  • Enter on icon and give album name and save album in locker.
  • After create album click on add or import button and select media file from your storage.
  • Here you can save lot’s of your media and documents
  • Click on setting button and here you can reset passcode or quesion or clear all media.
  • Here is option to export all media from locker to your storage.